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Andalucía’s largest city offers a wealth of sights and draws many visitors every year. Situated on the banks of the Guadalquivir, Seville is surrounded by a patchwork of olive groves and wheat fields. In the city itself the main attractions are all closely located, making for some interesting tours. The city centre is dominated by the Cathedral and Giralda tower. Close by there are the Alcazar gardens of the Moors, the famous Toro Del Oro, and the Maestranza bullring. Flamenco also has strong roots in Seville. There are many concerts on throughout the year and depending on your budget, you can find the perfect show. We want to offer you a unique experience of Seville that you´ll never forget.


Located at the foothills of the Sierra Nevada, Granada is home to the impressive Alhambra palace that overlooks the city. From the north the Sacromonte hills sit above the city, the caves found here were once lived in by the large gypsy community of Granada. From high peaks, to fertile valleys, there are some challenging and enjoyable locations in the nearby Sierra Nevada. In the city itself there are many churches, monasteries and chapels from different eras for you to enjoy. Granada has a diverse mix of cultures, which in turn presents lots of different places to eat, drink, and enjoy music. It´s also famous for its unique take on tapas, for each drink you order, free tapas is provided in many of the traditional bars. With us you can have a perfect introduction to the ancient city of Granada.


Once the capital of the Moorish Kingdom, Cordoba is another Andalucían city steeped in tradition and beauty. Home of the Mezquita mosque/cathedral, it was once a strategic outpost as one of the most important trade routes for the Romans. The famous bridge, El Puente Romano, Calohorra Fort, and medieval Jewish quarter all add to its unique charm. The city walls that enclose much of the old town have a big part to play in its history. One section encloses the old Jewish quarter, another has the quaint Seville Gate, and finally the Alcazar Gardens bring it to the Guadalquivir River. From fine art museums, to palaces, to flowered patios, Cordoba truly is the Jewel in the Andalucían crown. Hopefully we can acquaint you perfectly with the impressive city of Cordoba.


Famous for its Sherries, horses, and wines, Jerez de la Frontera has been influenced by a wide range of cultures that are still evident today. Settled on the banks of the Guadalete river in the fertile plains, it is a short distance from the Atlantic beaches and Gaditana mountains. In Jerez itself there are many visitor attractions such as the Old Centre, with lots of churches and ancient buildings. With horse and flamenco festivals Jerez de la Frontera has very lively feel to it. There are also the Arab Baths, Cathedral San Salvador, and a famous clock museum featuring timepieces from the sixteenth century onwards. If it is world famous equestrian shows, museums, or food and drink tours you want, then Jerez is waiting just for you.


With origins dating back three thousand years, this is a truly historical city. Situated on a peninsula the city is famous as the launching point for discovering new territories to the west in the sixteenth century. During this golden age this city became the richest in Europe. The narrow cobbled streets open out on to some of the most picturesque plazas in the Old Centre, and many of the buildings are also dated from this time. The impressive cathedral is the most prominent monument in Cadiz. It also houses the tomb of Manuel de Falla, a famous musical composer native to Cadiz. With an archaeology and fine arts museum, the Oratorio de Santa Cruz, and Iglesia San Felipe Neri, there are plenty of sights to visit here. For a relaxing cultural experience close to the beach, Cadiz has it all.